Beth Sabatino
The Count of Tuscany, Ch 1-10

This is like nothing I have ever read, and believe me...I have read a LOT.

This concept of the Volturi coming for Edward even though he feels like he has "wiped the slate clean" is fascinating. I love that you have thrown in the abduction of Seth as well, and how Aro learns of and uses the block Seth has on Alice to leave the Cullens blind. I think this is the most "real" the Volturi have felt to me. They have personalities beyond the stereotypes of their characters. There are jokers and fascination and even an ounce of compassion in places not seen before.

Then let's just say that Edward's punishment. Wow! I could feel the claustrophobia of the situation. I even walked outside after reading Chapter 9 and took a couple of deep breaths.

You have masterfully played this latest chapter. As soon as I realized he was in the room, I knew where you were going after the set-up in 9, and almost applauded out loud.

I cannot WAIT to read more!
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